Boiler and Appliance Servicing

Annual safety checks

As a responsible landlord, Victory Housing Trust takes its obligations to Health and Safety seriously. This is particularly the case with annual safety checks on the appliances and pipework we provide in our homes. The Servicing of Gas, Oil, LPG and Solid Fuel appliances needs to be carried out each year to make sure that all appliances and flues are working safely and ensure there is adequate ventilation for the appliances to run correctly.

The servicing and safety check of Gas appliances is also a legal requirement. Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 we must:

  • make sure that we only use Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out work on gas installations
  • not allow a gas appliance to be used if we suspect it's unsafe or not properly ventilated
  • undertake an annual safety check on pipe-work and the appliances we own
  • keep records of all inspection defects and actions taken
  • provide you with records of gas servicing or safety checks


Why gas safety checks are important:
Gas appliances need air to burn safely. With enough air, gas appliances produce carbon dioxide and water in safe amounts, which are normally taken away by a chimney or flue. However, a gas appliance will produce carbon monoxide if there is too little air or the chimney or flue is blocked.

We are legally required to service all gas heating and hot water systems in your home every year to ensure they are in safe and efficient working order. A faulty gas appliance or oil boiler can produce carbon monoxide which is hazardous to you and your family’s health and may even be fatal.

Our contractors - Gasway Services Ltd. carry out these important safety checks, so please work with them to allow them to check your appliances when they contact you.

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