Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support

If you are on a low income, you may be able to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support to help with the cost of your rent and Council Tax. The amount of benefit you will be entitled to will depend on the following:

  • Your family's needs
  • Your income and savings
  • The circumstances of the people living with you
  • The type of property you live in
  • The amount of rent you have to pay

If you are not sure whether or not you are entitled to Housing Benefit you can find out by contacting your Local Authority using North Norfolk District Council's online benefit calculator http://www.quickcalc.co.uk/north-norfolk/ or contacting Victory's Tenancy Support Team.

How to Apply

To apply for Housing Benefit you need to complete an application form which can be obtained by contacting the Benefits Department at your Local Authority or downloading it from their website. Victory Housing Trust currently has properties in seven Local Authority areas, if you are not sure which local authority area you live in please contact us. Contact details for our local authorities are provided below.

North Norfolk District Council

Telephone: 01263 516349
Email: benefits@north-norfolk.gov.uk
Website: https://www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/tasks/benefits/housing-benefit-apply/

Broadland District Council

Telephone: 01603 430602 or 430603
Email: benefits@broadland.gov.uk
Website: www.broadland.gov.uk/advice_and_benefits/index.asp

Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk

Telephone: 01553 616200
Email: revenues@west-norfolk.gov.uk
Website: www.west-norfolk.gov.uk

Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Telephone: 01493 856100
Email: enquiries@great-yarmouth.gov.uk
Website: http://www.great-yarmouth.gov.uk/article/2012/Housing-Benefit-and-financial-support

Breckland Council

Telephone: 01362 656870
Email: benefits@angliarevenues.gov.uk
Website: www.angliarevenues.gov.uk/breckland

South Norfolk Council

Telephone: 0808 178 7143
Email: benefitsmaibox@s-norfolk.gov.uk
Website: www.south-norfolk.gov.uk/residents/benefits/housing-benefit

Norwich City Council

Telephone: 0344 980 3333
Email: benefits@norwich.gov.uk
Website: www.norwich.gov.uk/info/20003/benefits_and_support