Individuals can become members of Victory Housing Trust.

Members delegate the running of the Association to the Board of Directors.  Members of the Board are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the rules of the Association.

A member of Victory is permitted to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and other such meetings called by Victory.

Membership is achieved by completing the membership form and paying £1.  There is no financial benefit gained from being a member and each member can hold only one share.  A member guarantees the liabilities of Victory Housing Trust.  This guarantee is limited to £1.

Who can become a Member?

All tenants of Victory can become members, however certain restrictions are applied as detailed on the;

Applying for Shareholding Membership March 2018.pdf 281KB

From time to time the Board may invite people to become members. This may be to serve on one of the Trust’s Committees, or because they represent a local voluntary or community group with a special interest in housing.

The Board has the power to reject applications which do not fall within its Membership remit.

Members are obliged to act at all times in the interests of Victory and will be required to sign a declaration to that fact on application.