Moving Home by Mutual Exchange

Council or housing association tenants may be able swap their home with another council or housing association tenant.

A tenancy exchange (also called a mutual exchange) allows you to swap your home with another council or housing association tenant anywhere in the UK. Tenants arrange tenancy exchanges themselves, often with the help of tenancy exchange websites. This is different to a tenancy transfer, where your landlord transfers you to a new tenancy in another council or housing association property.

You must get permission for a mutual exchange and follow the proper process. You could be evicted if you try to exchange your tenancy without permission. The tenant you are swapping with must also get permission from their landlord.

Permission can be withheld if:

  • You are subject to a possession order or a suspended possession order
  • You have been given notice of seeking possession
  • The home you would like to exchange into is either too big or too small for your needs
  • The home you would like to exchange into is adapted to be suitable for tenants with disabilities that no member of your family will require
  • If you do not have a clear rent account

To apply for a mutual exchange please complete this application form Mutual Exchange Application Form.doc 252KB

You can register on the Exchange Locata, HomeSwapper or House Exchange websites (all linked below) which are a simple way to find an exchange partner. You can access these websites from home, libraries or the computer in our reception.  You can even receive text messages to advise you when people register with a property that matches your needs. Also homes are sometimes advertised in local shops or local newspapers.

Please remember that:

  • You should inspect your potential new home carefully before deciding to make your exchange.  Remember you have to accept your new exchange property in its present condition if you exchange
  • Either party may withdraw from the Mutual Exchange at any time before all new tenancies have been signed
  • We have 42 days to respond to your request for permission to exchange
  • You should never accept any offer of a payment to carry out an exchange.  This is illegal and could lead to you losing your home

If you are a Victory Housing Trust tenant and would like more information about mutual exchanges, please speak to our Customer Services Team on 0330 123 1860.  If you are a tenant of another Housing Association or Council then you should contact your landlord first.