Our Commitments

1.  Prevent anti-social behaviour

Our aim is to prevent and reduce anti social behaviour by looking at underlying causes.  For example, we can help you look for solutions if young people are bored or if the layout of your estate is making a problem worse.

Tenants' and residents' groups can also make a difference by getting people working together on positive activities.

2.  Listen to you

We will listen to you sympathetically when you tell us about problems.  You can report anti social behaviour to us in a variety of ways, such as speaking to a staff member, telephoning, emailing or reporting it via our website.

We will keep you informed of the actions that we are taking to resolve the issues.  We will be clear from the outset of what we can and cannot do to stop or prevent anti-social behaviour and offer appropriate advice.  We will be clear about when we close a case.

3.  Offer support to victims and witnesses

We will explain our policies, how we can help and what to do if the situation is outside our control.  Support will depend on circumstances but here are some examples:

·         Encouraging you to talk to the person causing the offence if this is appropriate

·         Agree an action plan with you, which will include what will be done and when

·         We will keep you informed of progress.  It will also cover things that you can do to help the situation, for example helping us to collect evidence or attend mediation meetings

·         Offer you immediate support if the situation is serious, for example if you are facing domestic abuse, serious racial or other forms of harassment of if your life is in danger.  We will agree a course of action with you

·         Provide interpreting and translating services where necessary

·         Provide advice on emergency housing where appropriate, for example in domestic abuse cases

4.  Take action against perpetrators

Work with other agencies to provide the right support for perpetrators of anti-social behaviour to seek to prevent re-occurrance.  Where appropriate and supported by evidence, firm action will be taken to prevent re-occurrence including legal action in serious cases.

5.  Take appropriate steps to prevent problems from occurring in future

Even if the problems are outside of our control, we will work with you to deal with other agencies such as schools, social services and the police.

6.  Give you feedback

We will not close your case without first talking to you and advising you of the action we have taken.