Our way of Working

We firmly believe that it is not just what we do that matters, but how we do it. Our culture is important to us; we are proud of our staff and we encourage everyone to live up to our ‘Victory spirit’, which we define as being positive, supportive and caring.

Our Performance Framework was designed with input from our employees, managers, Involved Residents and Board members, and defines what ‘highly effective’ and ‘ineffective’ behaviours means to us. By defining ‘our way of working’, we can ensure that  ‘working together’ is central to what we do, and our framework sets out how we should treat each other and our customers.

We all learn from feedback and benefit from knowing “how we are doing”. This framework enables us to fully understand what is expected in terms of our behaviours; both in the way we carry out our jobs, and also in how we respond to colleagues and customers.


Our way of Working JUN 2016