Rents, charges and payments

You can choose to pay your rent in a way that suits your circumstances - on a set day of the month or week to tie in with when you are paid for example. However, this must be approved by us first.

Your rent pays for the cost of providing, managing, maintaining and improving your home. Your Tenancy Agreement has details of any extra service charges you need to pay with your rent.

For further information regarding your rent and service charges, please click on the PDF below.

Your Rent and Service Charges Tenants.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Your Rent and Service Charges Shared Ownership and Leaseholder [pdf] 2MB

Victory Rent Payment Card

Victory Rent Payment Card Residents can be given a rent payment card and/or payment reference number, this identifies your rent account so that payments can be quickly and accurately credited to your rent account.  Cards hold no personal details about you or the amount of rent you pay or your account balance.  The card itself has no value.


To order a new or replacement payment card, please contact Customer Services on 0330 123 1860.