Right to Buy/Acquire

The Right to Buy (RTB) and Right to Acquire (RTA) schemes give eligible residents the opportunity to buy the home they currently rent, aided by a discount towards the market value.

Who is eligible for the Right to Buy/Acquire Scheme?

In general terms, Victory Housing Trust residents may be eligible to purchase their property under one of the following schemes:

  • The Preserved Right to Buy (PRTB):this applies to former secure local authority residents who have changed landlord due to a stock transfer from their local authority to a registered social landlord such as Victory Housing Trust. These secure tenants become assured tenants with the transfer, but keep their statutory right to buy their home at a discount.
  • The Right to Acquire scheme: applies to eligible assured tenants who do not have the preserved right to buy.  You will need to have been a tenant of a public sector landlord for a qualifying period of three complete years before you qualify for The Right to Acquire.

The Right to Acquire only applies to properties built or purchased by Victory on or after 1 April 1997 and funded through social housing grant. Properties in small rural areas and sheltered housing are not included in the scheme.

Further guidance is available on the Communities and Local Government Department website https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-communities-and-local-government


Where can I get an application form?

Application forms for both the right to buy and right to acquire are available by contacting our Customer Services Team on 0330 123 1860 or clicking on the links below:

RTB 2016.pdf 439KB

RTA 2016.odt 51KB

For further information on these schemes, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0330 123 1860.