Victory's Residents' Panel

 What is it?
  • At the heart of resident involvement
  • Managing and co-ordinating all involvement activities
  • Drives continuous service improvement for existing and future Victory residents
  • Ensures that the views of residents are listened to and residents can have influence across all Victory’s activities
  • Protect the interests of residents through setting, monitoring and enforcing customer service standards, and influencing overall strategy and direction
  • Promotes effective working between Victory residents, Board and staff
  • Scrutinise performance reports, feedback and complaints reports
  • Consider policy changes
  • Representing Victory at regional and national tenant conferences, e.g. TPAS, EARS
Getting involved
  • Induction training provided
  • Out of pocket expenses paid
  • Meetings, second Wednesday of each month 5.30pm-8.30pm in Victory Office (refreshments included)
  • Additional opportunities available – Chair Task and Finish groups, offer resident perspective at staff groups, represent Victory at regional and national resident events
Composition and size
  • RP will have up to 10 members including a maximum of 1 leaseholder.
  • All Victory tenants (or someone living as part of their household at a Victory property), shareholders and leaseholders can apply to be a RP member.
  • RP members are appointed on a fixed term of up to three years and they may serve a maximum of two terms (subject to re-appointment after each term). This allows a maximum term of office of six years.

If you want to find out more or get involved please email us on