What to do/how to report

What to do if you experience anti-social behaviour

Taking the first step yourself

If the problem is not too serious it is often better for you to talk to the people involved.  For these minor problems Victory Housing Trust would not expect to get involved until you have talked to the person concerned.  Involving Victory at an early stage could turn a minor problem into a major dispute

For example:

·         Ball games where no damage is involved

·         Minor lifestyle disputes such as door slamming or parking problems.

Try talking to your neighbours and consider approaching the person causing the problem.  They may not understand how their behaviour is affecting you.  If you approach them in a polite and courteous manner you may find you can work out a friendly solution. Online resources can provide helpful advice and guidance dfuse.org.uk/i2i/norfolk/

If the problem is serious, you feel in any way threatened or if you cannot work out a solution with your neighbours, then you can report the problem to Victory.  What we can do will depend on how serious the problem is.  If a serious crime is involved then you should contact the police.


How to report

We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for you to live in. We want to do everything we can to stop anti-social behaviour before it starts.

If your neighbour's behaviour is causing you problems, the first thing you should do if you feel it safe and appropriate to do so is speak to them. You may be able to sort the problem out in a friendly way. Perhaps they are not aware that their behaviour is a nuisance. After speaking to them, give your neighbour some time to change their behaviour. If talking to them doesn't work and you don't see an improvement after some time, please ask us for help.

When you report anti-social behaviour (ASB) to us we will tell you what (if any) action we will take to deal with it.  It would be helpful for us if you kept a record telling us what the behaviour is together with the dates and times it has been happening.


You can report anti-social behaviour by...

·        Contacting a member of our Customer Services Team on 0330 123 1860


·         Emailing us at info@victoryhousing.co.uk

Outside of normal working hours you can also call our Out of Hours service on 0330 123 1860.  The details will be recorded and Victory will be informed on the next working day.  If it is a serious crime or an emergency you will be asked to contact the police.

We will take whatever action is appropriate in the circumstances, including legal action, to deal with and prevent anti-social behaviour, and we will work closely with others (for example, the police) to help improve the quality of life for everyone.


If you have been threatened or assaulted please report it to the police immediately