Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights

You have the right to enjoy your home in peace, and so do your neighbours.  We take a tough line with people who behave badly in or around our properties, or who harass other people.


Your responsibilities

We will take immediate and strong action to stop and prevent anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse, racial or sexual harassment or hate crimes.  As the tenant you are responsible for the behaviour of everyone in your household and anyone who visits you.

A person who is guilty of anti-social behaviour is at risk of losing their home.  We will not hesitate to use the legal powers that we have to address anti-social behaviour, including getting court injunctions and evicting people.

We will also work with our partners, such as the police and the local authority, when they take action against our tenants to:

·         Get perpetrators to sign up to voluntary behaviour contracts

·         Use Community Protection Notices and if breached issue Fixed Penalty Notices and fines.

·         Ask courts to secure Injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO’s)

·         Publicise the action we have taken against individuals

·         If we think community safety is at risk ask a court to demote someone's tenancy, so that it is easier to evict them if they continue to cause problems

·         Take someone to court to apply to evict them

In every case, and at every stage, we will take the action we think most appropriate to the situation.